Walkthrough of Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

Welcome to Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Unofficial SuperCheats Guide!
Welcome to the Unofficial SuperCheats Guide to Family Guy: Quest for Stuff — or FG:QfS!

If you are familiar withThe Simpsons: Tapped Out you already have a pretty good idea of what to expect here, if not, well, here is a basic explanation for the game:

Quest for Stuff (hereafter abbreviated as “QfS”) is a City Building Game of the Freemium Grinder type — which means that in theory you can play the game for free and still have a lot of fun and success.

Freemium Grinders always have two types of money and are usually XP based — which is the case here.

The first type of money is in-game coin, which you receive as rewards for completing quests and collect from restored buildings.

The other type of money is Clams — which are the Premium Currency and are largely obtained by spending real-world money to purchase them (though you can obtain a very limited number of Clams just by playing the game).

Game Balance, Premium Content and Stuff
What you need to understand here — especially if you have previously played Tapped Out — is that QfS is NOT a balanced and polite game like Tapped Out is in terms of the whole premium currency thing. In fact it is really a mixture of passive-aggressive game play, an oddity that we will explain…

On the one hand QfS is very in-your-face about getting you to spend money — because hey, that is how they make money! So you should not be surprised when a Quest pops up that requires you to spend money either in real-world funds or in Clams.

Examples of that include the Buy 1 Get 1 Quest that requires you to spend $4.99 for a Box of $Coins but that also awards you a Box of Clams as a bonus. Then there are the Clam-based Quests like adding Consuela to the game by building her Premium House.

The important thing for you to understand is that these are OPTIONAL Quests — you do not HAVE to do them in order to play the game, and you do NOT have to do them to progress or succeed in the game. Quest for Stuff is NOT a Pay-to-Win Game – players who don’t buy Clams have the same success as those that do.

The Quest Icon will appear in your Quest Book (the Clipboard with the Quest Icons popping out of it that appears in the bottom-left-hand-corner of your game screen) — these Quest Icons are not permanent. Some have a visible timer that, once it counts down, causes the Icon to disappear forever while others have hidden timers that do the same.

The town of Quahog has been destroyed and YOU must rebuild it!
Do the Premium Quest — don’t do the Premium Quest — it is entirely up to you – but don’t walk away from the game just because they are more in-your-face about this as that would be a terrible thing for you to do because it deprives you of the pleasure of playing this game for no good reason.
Rude, Crude, and No Socially Redeeming Qualities
Another issue with this game that you should be aware of is that it is by no means as subtle as Tapped Out — and what I mean by that is that it contains content that is as disturbing, outrageous, and offensive as the TV show upon which it is based!

You can expect the game to waffle between tolerant quests that accept things like drug addiction to homosexuality to highly offensive quests that vilify those same subjects. Which voice is used depends quite literally upon WHICH voice is used — for example Peter is likely to say horrible and insensitive things about homosexuality or religion, whereas Brian will likely be more accepting of those issues.

The point is this game has the same creators and humor as the show – so if you don’t like the show you probably will not like the game. if you DO like the show, well, you are going to LOVE this game!

Offensive From the Beginning
When you start the game you see a screen that suggests you should play with headphones on. So don’t say that they didn’t warn you, right?

There is a reason for that. That reason is simple — you may not want other people to hear the things that are said in the game, especially if you are playing it in public or around kids.


Seriously… Well at least it is not unless you are using headphones, and even then….

Getting started here is very simple – you load the game onto your device, you run the game, you follow the prompts, and if you get confused — and when you need guidance — you consult the Walkthrough Section of The SuperCheats Unofficial Guide for Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff by CM Boots-Faubert! Simpatico!

That nicely wraps up the Introduction save for several minor issue that are of critical importance to you!


1. Creating an Account / Logging IN
It is possible to play this game anonymously without actually creating an account or logging in. IF you do that it is also possible to lose all of your progress since your game save is technically the memory on the device you are playing on.

During the rebuilding you will unlock all of the characters you know and love
That means if you play without creating an account you can play ONLY on that device. You are way better off creating an account BUT before yo do that you need to understand that the game has a number of different types of accounts, and you will want to choose the type you use carefully.

The preferred order of the account types is as follows (for reasons I will explain in a moment):

Facebook Account
Google Plus Account
@Family Guy: QfS Account

Facebook Account: Uses your Facebook Login as your account login. This is preferred because the Social Side of the game uses Facebook. So if you plan on adding your mates to your game, you should use the Facebook Account option.

Google + Account: This is for people who do not have Facebook. It is also for people who have Facebook but who ALSO have Google +. Basically you can use both – and that way you get to post game events, news, and comments to one or both of those social networks.

@Family Guy: QfS Account: This is for people who do not have Facebook or Google + and allows you to create an account to save your game via the Family Guy: QfS servers. Use this as your final option as while it will not permit you to add friends to your game, it WILL allow you to save your progress.

Once you have started the game, be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you tap the button with the square grid in it — that is the Main Menu Button.

With the Main Menu open select ACCOUNT INFO and then create an account. Basically that means entering your email address and a password. Once you do that, the game you are playing will attach to that account — but be sure that you DO do that, because otherwise you risk losing any progress you make in the game!

2. Anger, Frustration, and Walking Away over Money
Being a fairly tolerant and, I like to think, reasonably intelligent sort of bloke, when I was first confronted by the pop-up for the first real-world money slash Premium Currency Quest I interpreted it as a not so subtle way for the game studio — TinyCo — and its publisher and owner — Fox — to make it clear that this is not just a fun game based upon the Family Guy Universe, it is also a Freemium Grinder in which a paygate exists for certain content.

I am OK with that. I understand why it is so. In fact that paygate is a substantial reason for why I was assigned this game to write the guide for! Gamers come to SuperCheats not just because it is the table for the cool kids in the school cafeteria, they come here because it is one of the most reliable and excellent sources for game strategy, hints, and tips for playing games like this without spending lots of money while at the same time obtaining a reasonable or very large serving of game entertainment.

We are, and I am being very humble when I say this, REALLY good at what we do, and what we do is help you to get as much out of your games as you can without it costing you body parts.

The premium currency is Clams – and in addition to buying them they are also rewards.
That being the case I was completely floored when I read posts on the game-related chat boards and when I received email expressing similar sentiments by gamers who, upon encountering the first of the pop-ups and quests about Premium Content / Real-World Money declared that they would not be whores to a game like that and were walking away from (abandoning) the game!

To say that I was flabbergasted is an understatement. It never occurred to me that any gamer could play these games and not understand their nature or the reality that in each of these games there is a second game taking place just below the surface – a game whose consequences totally come down to a battle between the game and your wallet!

To put this in the simplest of terms, the sub-theme here is that you are trying to play the game and beat it by spending as little as possible — whereas the game is structured to encourage and convince you to spend your money on it.
The Forest For the Trees
“He Can’t see the Forest for the Trees” is an expression that is often used to describe a situation in which someone is too involved in the details of a problem to look at the situation as a whole.

When I hear (more often read) a gamer expressing the feelings and observation that The Quest for Stuff is “like Tapped Out except it is very empty” I feel the almost overpowering urge to grab them by the shoulders and shake them to get their attention before explaining that, Yes! Of course it will feel that way! The game only just started out!

It may help to point out that (1) QfS only just launched on 10 April, and (2) YOU are just getting started in the game after all! You need to place buildings, unlock new land, and well, you know, PLAY! Just because this game is, in some ways, similar to Tapped Out does NOT mean you are going to instantly enjoy the same measure of success that you do IN Tapped Out.

Having pointed out the very obvious I also feel compelled to mention that, even from my limited experience with the game so far, I can speak with some authority when I observe that it is not empty, that it has plenty of content, and once you get started it WILL keep you entertained and engaged!

I am amazed that I find myself defending this title, particularly when you consider I am in the process of completing game review play! That said, if you value my opinion at all, than accept this advice: Do not rush to judgement here – you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that QfS has a lot to offer when you give it the chance…

Doesn’t it bother you that “Quifs” is a word that appears in the dictionary file used by Firefox? It bothers me! I sure did not add it. I only discovered that by accident when I was adding “QfS” to that dictionary. Just saying….

Naturally the game offers plenty of opportunities to spend Clams…
The Game Within the Game in QfS
As incredible as it seems, it is clear to me now that a lot of gamers miss the point entirely of the entire point of the Freemium Gaming Scheme! So let me spell it out in plain and simple words:

When you are playing a game that is offered to you for FREE, and there are no obvious revenue streams such as in-game advertising or a monthly subscription fee, or some other product by which the game publisher is making money — then you need to understand that YOU are the product.

As long as you clearly understand that you can easily understand and accept the following rules by which the Freemium Game is played:

Rule 1. Anything that the game publisher can do to encourage you to spend money in the game is allowed.

That means that the publisher can add special buildings, special characters, and special objects like Fuzzy Bunnies or Cute Puppies as long as those buildings / characters / objects are not actually REQUIRED in order to bring the game forward to its natural conclusion.

Rule 2. You are free to ignore and/or avoid paying for any of those value-added objects, deals on money or items, and all of the rest of the impulse-oriented offers that the publisher will use to lure your wallet into range of its credit card processing kit!

Rule 3. The winner is whoever spends the least money among the players.

Closing Summary and Conclusions
Well, there you go mates – so get playing! Oh, and notice the other sections here? As the information and content becomes available we will be adding reference pages below the Introduction that contain all sorts of useful information, tips, tricks, and the like that you will find helpful as you embark upon your adventure in Quahog.

So hey, well met! Have fun! And remember — use a headset!