Walkthrough of Bingo Club

BINGO CLUB by Moonfrog Labs - Walkthrough ver. 1.0

Bingo Club is a free to play Bingo game available on the google play store. Here’s the link for download:


After completing the download, launch the game. 

An option to ‘Connect to Facebook’ or ‘Play as Guest’ will appear. The game can be played as a Guest, but it advised to connect to your Facebook account. Once connected, the game begins with a tutorial room that you can choose to ignore or complete. Completing the tutorial room helps players who are new to Bingo or Bingo Club. Regular players can ignore the room. 

Right at the beginning the game is generous enough to provide a daily bonus of 17 Bingo Cash. This is a good start since it allows for playing with lots of tickets. The game starts with two types of rooms:

1. Classic Rooms 

2. Special Rooms

Each room has a certain number of ‘Tours’ that can be completed. The Tours can be unlocked based on the level of the player. Each tour has a different city or theme that can be unlocked where the cost to enter the Bingo Room and payout increasing with every room.

Starting with the Paris room is ideal with at least 2 tickets. Playing with at least 2 tickets increases the chance of getting a Bingo and keeps the cost to a minimum. If you are willing to experiment then you should definitely go with 4 tickets. The good part about this game is that the other 2 tickets get daubed automatically when the numbers are called that are on the tickets. 

Alternatively, you can start with the Special Rooms. The Treasure Isle room is fast to play while Freedom Festival, although having a higher cost to play than Treasure Isle or Paris Tour, is a good way to see the different Bingo play styles the game has to offer.

Once you have completed a game with one of the 3 rooms available at the beginning, it is easy to get into the game.

Best Tip: Play with power plays. They enhance the gameplay a lot and makes it easier to get Bingos every game!

Have fun playing Bingo Club!