Walkthrough for Five Nights at Freddy’s

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ello everybody, this is VyseToPhoenix and welcome to my character guide
for Five Nighs at Freddy’s! Five Nights at Freddy’s is an indie-horror video
game where you must survive for 5 nights while avoiding the 4 animatronics that
roam the halls at night. These animatronics don’t recognize you as a human
being. What they DO recognize you as is an endoskeleton without a costume, and
since undressing an animatronic is against the rules at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza
they will forcibly stuff you into a Freddy Fazbear suit, killing you. Let’s
jump on in!
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This game contains jumpscares, so if you’re spooked easily then this is NOT
the game for you.

|__egal Stuff
I have one rule for this FAQ:
-If you would like to use any sort of information from this FAQ, please give
credit where it is due.

…Here, I’ll even show you how:
-Animatronic behaviors gotten from Five Nights at Freddy’s wiki

| able of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Legal Stuff
III. Animatronics
o Bonnie the Bunny
o Chica the Chicken
o Foxy the Pirate
o Freddy Fazbear
o Golden Freddy
IV. Credits

| |nimatronics
| Bonnie the Bunny /

Nights: 1 onwards
Starting Location: Show Stage
Bonnie starts off on the Show Stage and is the most active on Nights 1, 2,
and 3. He isn’t as active on Nights 4 and 5, but he will still show up.

He makes his way from the Show Stage to the Dining Area. In the dining area,
you will either see him clearly or see his silhouette (if he appears as a
silhouette, look for his ears).

From the Dining Area, he will go Backstage, where he will be near the door or
right up in the camera.

From Backstage, he will go to the West Hall, where you can see his silhouette.

From the West Hall, he will go to the West Hall Corner, which is right outside
your left door. You can actually see his head glitch out on the later nights.

He can appear in the blind spot right outside your left door. If you see him
peeking in, just close the door.

He can also appear in the Supply Closet, which isn’t exactly eventful.

NOTES: Bonnie will show up A LOT, but he will also leave quickly, granted you
actually close the door. You will see him a lot during the earlier nights, but
not as much on the later nights.

| Chica the Chicken /

Nights: 1 onwards
Starting Location: Show Stage
Chica starts on the Show Stage like Bonnie, but she isn’t really all that
active on the earlier nights. On the later nights, you might see her every now
and then but other than that, she really isn’t a threat.

From the Show Stage, she will go to the Dining Area where, like Bonnie, she
will either appear outright or as a silhouette (the silhouette looks like
Bonnie’s but without the ears).

From the Dining Area, she will make her way to the Restrooms, where she will
either be at the top of the screen, or staring into the camera.

From the Restrooms, she goes to the East Hall, where you can see her at the far
end of the hall or she will be really close to the camera.

From the East Hall, she heads over to the East Hall Corner, right outside your
right door. Like Bonnie, her head will glitch out on later nights.

In the event she appears in the window right outside your right door, just
close the door.

NOTES: Chica isn’t as active as Bonnie, but if she comes she will usually sit
there and drain your power. She is more active on the later nights.

| Foxy the Pirate /

Nights: 2 onwards
Starting Location: Pirate Cove
Foxy starts in the Pirate Cove and will generally stay there as long as
you’re looking at the monitors. If you’re NOT, then he will slowly make his way
out to come and kill you.

He will start off by peeking his head out of the curtain. This is your sign
that you need to check on him every now and then.

If you give him time, he will be out of the curtains with his head turned to
the left, as if leaving Pirate Cove. This is the sign that you might want to be

Some time later, the curtains will be completely open and Foxy is nowhere to be
found. If you see this, exit the monitors IMMEDIATELY and close the left door.

Foxy will sprint from the Pirate Cove to your office, but if the left door is
closed, he will bang on the door and steal some of your power.

Rinse and repeat after this point, really.

NOTES: Foxy is the one that gets everybody on their first time through. Just
keep an eye on him and you’ll be fine.

| Freddy Fazbear /

Nights: 3 onwards
Starting Location: Show Stage
Freddy starts actively coming after you on night 3. The only way to die by
him on nights 1 and 2 is if the power goes out. Freddy only moves if you’re not
looking at the monitors.

Freddy starts on the Show Stage, and doesn’t move until night 3 or if the power
goes out.

From the Show Stage, he goes to the Dining Area. Look for the two white dots in
the back.

From the Dining Area, he makes his way to the Restrooms. You can find two white
dots in the girls’ restroom.

From the Restrooms, he will go to the East Hall. You can see his eyes in the
far end of the hall.

He will go to the East Hall Corner from the East Hall. When you see him there,
exit the monitors and close the right door QUICKLY.

You can hear a deep laugh when he moves. You can also see his reflection in the
monitors on the desk, next to the fan.

If the power goes out, you can see his eyes in the left doorway. he plays his
tune, a music box version of Georges Bizet’s ‘Votre toast, je peux vous le
rendre (the Toreador Song)’. After this song stops, he doesn’t kill you
immediately. If it’s a bit into 5 AM, sit there as he plays the Toreador Song
to get the longer version, so that you can have a little more time to wait for
6 AM.

NOTES: Freddy moves in a manner similar to Bonnie and Chica, but physically
moves around in a manner similar to Foxy. Just keep an eye on him, and remember
to close the right door if necessary.

| Golden Freddy /

Nights: 3 only
Starting Location: Kitchen (?)
Golden Freddy is a rare Easter Egg that, if he kills you, your game crashes.

Very rarely during Night 3, a Freddy poster in the West Hall Corner will change
to a poster of Golden Freddy. If you exit the monitors, Golden Freddy will be
in the office reguardless if the doors are closed. Just go into the monitors
again and he should go away.

NOTES: Golden Freddy is the one animatronic that nobody expects. Just remember
to open the monitors if he does appear.

UPDATE: He WILL actually appear on other nights, the most common on Night 1.
I’ve just only seen him on Night 3, so that’s a mistake on my part.

o GameFAQS – for existing and letting me know that FNaF is a page on
this site.
o VyseToPhoenix (hey, that’s me!) – for making this FAQ.
o Five Nights at Freddy’s wiki – for helping me out with the loose
ends I was stuck on.
o Every YouTuber that played this game – for introducing me to this
awesome horror game!