Visiting Nearby Towns to Complete ‘Collection’ Missions in Oregon Trail: American Settler

A faster way to complete collection mission~

Example Mission:
Collect from the Foundry 5 times.

*Go to the “Visit Nearby Town” option/icon. You’ll have 5 energy to use there.
*Per our example mission, click on the Foundry once (To get the desired location in view, drag your finger or what have you along the outer border of the town; where the ‘land expansion’ would be so as not to accidentally click the wrong location.)
*After collecting your monies and heart click the house icon in the lower right corner to return to your town.
*Repeat this sequence until you have used up all 5 of your energy allowed for visiting other towns or, you’ve reached the desired amount of collections needed for the mission.
*This hint works for food, lumber, and animal missions aswell.