View solution of any puzzle in Snake Slider

During the game press the “menu” button in the lower-right corner to pause the game. While paused, tap the screen around the buttons (“Continue”, “Skip puzzle” etc.) in the order listed below to see the solution of the current puzzle. When entered correctly the game will unpause and the puzzle will solve itself by moving the snakes automatically. Three coins and the text “cheater!” will appear.

Blue puzzle set: top, top, bottom, bottom, left, right, left, right
Teal puzzle set: bottom, bottom, top, top, right, left, right, left
Green puzzle set: left, left, right, right, top, bottom, top, bottom
Yellow puzzle set: right, right, left, left, bottom, top, bottom, top
Orange puzzle set: right, bottom, left, top, left, bottom, right, top
Red puzzle set: top, bottom, left, right, top, bottom, right, left

This cheat works on both the “Snake Slider” and “Snake Slider Lite” apps, and on any platform it was released on which are the iPhone, iPad, Android and WebOS.