Temple Run Playguide

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   ) (   | (    /| () () || (    )|| (      | (    /      
   | |   | (__    | || || || (____)|| |      | (__          
   | |   |  __)   | |(_)| ||  _____)| |      |  __)         
   | |   | (      | |   | || (      | |      | (            
   | |   | (____/| )   ( || )      | (____/| (____/      
   )_(   (_______/|/     ||/       (_______/(_______/      
               _______           _                          
              (  ____ )|     /|( (    /|                   
              | (    )|| )   ( ||    ( |                   
              | (____)|| |   | ||    | |                   
              |     __)| |   | || ( ) |                   
              | ( (   | |   | || |    |                   
              | )  __| (___) || )    |                   
              |/   __/(_______)|/    )_)   

     _____  _                         _     _      
    |  __ | |                       (_)   | |     
    | |__) | | __ _ _   _  __ _ _   _ _  __| | ___ 
    |  ___/| |/ _` | | | |/ _` | | | | |/ _` |/ _ 
    | |    | | (_| | |_| | (_| | |_| | | (_| |  __/
    |_|    |_|__,_|__, |__, |__,_|_|__,_|___|
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                     - Version: 1.0 -
                       By: Kagalive

Last Updated: July 27th 2012 (07/27/12)

Questions or Comments? - kaga@live.com.au
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                               #INTRO 1. INTRODUCTION

Temple Run is a fast paced action/reflex game developed by Imagini Studios. It
is available on both Android and the iPhone. It is available as a free download
by pointing your phone to the appropriate site below:

iPhone App Store:

Android Market:

Temple Run is incredibly popular and has achieved a very high ranking status in
both the App Store and Google Play (Android Market). 

In Temple Run you play a treasure hunting thrill-seeker, who, after raiding a 
temple, is making his escape. What's he escaping from you ask? - Rampaging
angry monkeys of course! - What else would be guarding a temples treasure!?

Gameplay in Temple Run ultimately consists of performing the right action, at
the right time. It's a true test of reflexes as you turn, jump, slide and leap
through and around various obstacles. Hit an obstacle, or, fall of course and
it's game over. The longer you last, and the more coins you collect, the higher
you end score will be.

The exact game you experience varies each time you play Temple Run as the 
pathways, coin placements and powerups are randomly generated. As such, some
games of Temple Run will be more difficult, or easier, than others. Ultimately
though, if you are a Temple Run veteran you will find even the most difficult
of levels crumbles under your finger tips! - Until of course, you eventually,
inevitably die.

There are three main goals in Temple Run.

1 - Unlock all the unlockables
2 - Complete all of the objectives
3 - Get an awesome high score! (See #SCORE for further information)

The game features a short tutorial to get you started. You can turn this on
via the options screen.

                            #CONTR 2. CONTROLS

The controls in Temple Run are fairly straight forward, the challenge comes 
from quickly re-acting to your changing surroundings.

Tilt Left: Moves your character to the left lane.
Hold Centre: Keeps your character in the centre lane.
Tilt Right: Moves your character to the right lane.
Swipe Left: Turn Left
Swipe Right: Turn Right
Swipe Up: Jump
Swipe Down: Slide
Double Tap: Activate Wings of Resurrection (if available)

                          #GUIDE 3. WALKTHROUGH

Welcome to the main section of the guide. Here we look at how to get through
the game most effectively as well as some ways to maximize your score!


Your score appears in the top right hand corner of the screen. Every meter you
travel you will earn the value of your multiplier. The more objectives 
(achievements) you complete, the higher your multiplier will be. Earning coins
and filling the coin meter also gives you points.


Throughout the landscape you will see many coins. The idea is to collect as
many of these as possible. These boost your score and allow you to unlock
features such as powerups, different characters (skins) and downloadable
wallpapers. The coins will appear in one of three lanes. You can tilt your
device to move your character into the appropriate section.


On the top left side of the screen is a coin meter. It consists of a bar that
fills up as you collect coins. The more you collect, the more it fills. When
full, it fills the larger coin at its top and gives you a score bonus. The more
of the larger coin you fill, the more bonus points you get, up to a maximum
of 500 x your multiplier, when the coin is completely full.


There are 3 types of environments your character will come across, and each
comes with it's own set of obstacles to navigate. 

# Common Obstacles #

- Water -

Throughout the entire world is a vast lake. If you fall through a gap, run over
the edge, or tilt over a side, you will end up in said lake. Unfortunately for
you, this treasure-hunting renegade might be tough as nails - but can't swim! 
This means, water = DEATH. Do not fall off!

- Turns -

At times the path will veer left or right. Swipe in the appropriate direction

- T Intersections -

Sometimes the path ahead will spread in two different directions. At times like
this you have to really put your thinking cap on and quickly make a decision! 
Once you've decided which way your going promptly swipe your screen in that
direction. The game allows you to swipe just a little earlier than when your
character reaches the turn - it's better to swipe too early than too late, 
because late means GAME OVER.

- Gaps -

Swipe UP to jump over these or your character will plummet to their death, and
it's GAME OVER. 

- Double Gaps -

One of the more challenging obstacles is the doublegap. Sometimes the game will
generate a gap, then a really small area of path followed by another gap. If 
you see this quickly Swipe UP twice and your character will jump over both
gaps, avoiding DEATH. You will find in some instances this will get you past 
double gaps even if your placement would have landed in the water.

- Turn, Jump, Turn -

Rarely the game will through at you a path that consists of either a turn then
an immediate gap, or at worst a turn, a gap then another turn. These are the 
most challenging obstacles in the game, requiring you to quickly Swipe in the
paths direction, followed by a swipe up, and sometimes even another swipe left
or right. These are much more common in the Swamp and Rocks environments.

Don't freak out if you mess these up the first few times you play - 
as stated they are the hardest obstacles in the game. With practice you'll get
better at spotting these tight spots from a distance. Also, as you play you'll
find your finger dexterity naturally increases and you can react more quickly
to this and, in fact, all, obstacles.

# Ruins #

You will start the game in the ruins, and should you make it far enough, once
you leave the ruins you will eventually make it back to them. The ruins seems 
to be the easiest of the environments. Although it features the largest 
diversity of obstacles only very occasionally are you required to do the more
troublesome double jump or complete a Turn-Jump-Turn.

- Small Tree Roots - 

Swipe UP to jump these or your character will trip, causing the evil monkeys to
get closer. If you trip a second time, with the monkeys on your trail, you will
get KILLED. After a short time the monkeys will fall back again. Tripping on 
purpose can be a good way to slow your character down if things are getting out
of hand.

- Large Tree Roots -

Swipe UP to jump over these or your character will DIE. These are much 
larger and more noticeable than the small tree roots. You should have no 
trouble distinguishing between the two.

- Trees -

Occasionally, you'll come across a tree that blocks the entire path. Swipe DOWN
to slide through the gap or you'll be smack bang (literally) at the GAME OVER

- Fire Gates -

Fire gates are quite obvious to spot - afterall, they are on fire. You can
choose to Swipe DOWN to slide underneath these, or Swipe UP to jump over them.
Which one you choose is up to you, but it's common sense to try and choose
the option that yields the most coins. If you touch the fire gate you shall
be burned to DEATH.

- Corroded Paths -

Sometimes there will be a gap to the left or right of the path you are on. Here
you need toTtilt in the direction of the gap, or if you are going fast enough
Swipe UP to jump over it. If you land in the gap, you'll fall through to the
horrible mucky water - rendering you LIFELESS. (GAME OVER!)


The swamp consists of a low pathway that navigates through the water it is
slightly more difficult than the ruins to navigate because it can feature
more situations where you are required to double jump, jump-turn or at worst

The swamp introduces the following obstacle:

- Gate -

Just like the Fire Gates these can be jumped by Swiping UP or you can Swipe 
DOWN and slide underneath them. If there's coins try to follow them, otherwise
any option works. Hitting a Gate means DEATH.


The rocks are just that - rocks. You run along these rocks as you make your
escape from the temple, avoiding the following obstacles:

- Trees -

These, just like Trees in the Ruins need to be slid under. If you hit them, as
with just about every other obstacle in the game, you DIE.

- Edges - 

The rocks are narrow compared to the other paths. Be extra careful when tilting
to collect coins, as you can easily tilt too far and fall off. If you find this
happens a lot you may decide it's best just to not worry about the coins here
and instead focus on survival.


Power up's are unlocked by spending the coins you've collected in the store. 
Once you've bought a power up it's effects can be increased by purchasing
further upgrades. Once a power up is unlocked it will start randomly appearing
throughout your generated path.

- Super Coin - 

This power-up appears as a large coin, it gives you a multitude of coins and 
the more you upgrade it the more coins it is worth.

Level 1 - Unlocks the coin, worth 50 coins.
Level 2 - The coin is now worth 75 coins.
Level 3 - The coin is now worth 100 coins.
Level 4 - The coin is now worth 125 coins.
Level 5 - The coin is now worth 150 coins.

All in all this isn't a bad power up, but even at it's highest value it only
grants a relatively small amount of coins. It may seem like a lot but when
you get experienced and start earning up to and beyond 10,000 coins a run it
isn't really that special.

- Coin Magnet -

This power up is awesome, especially once upgraded and combined with increased
coin values (see below). What is does is make you instantly collect any coins 
that are near you, no matter which lane they are in. This itself is not that
great, although it is useful. The killer thing is, when upgraded, this
power-up can triple the value of any coin. This not only let's you amass great
amounts of coins quickly, but means the coin meter fills very rapidly - giving
you a HUGE score boost. When you unlock blue coins (see the coin values
section), it's even better because each blue coin is worth 9 coins!

Level 1 - Unlocks the coin magnet, which works for around 10 seconds.
Level 2 - Increases the duration of the magnet to around 20 seconds.
Level 3 - Doubles the value of coins collected with the magnet.
Level 4 - Increases the duration of the magnet to around 30 seconds.
Level 5 - Triples coin value.

Along with the coin value power up this should be the first power-up you 
unlock. In fact, see the Tips section for a little trick that uses this
upgrade to help achieve an epic score.

- Invisibility - 

This power up is fairly useful. It turns your character into a blue silhouette,
and, more helpfully, allows you to run straight through obstacles. It also 
creates bridges across any gaps so you don't fall. Keep in mind however, that 
you still have to turn corners. (Don't get too lazy!)

Level 1 - Unlocks the invisiblity.
Level 2 - Increases the duration.
Level 3 - Further increases the duration.
Level 4 - Increases the duration even more.
Level 5 - Increases the duration to maximum.

Invisiblity is probably the 3rd best power-up, it's not as good as the coin
magnet and coin value increase power-ups, but it is still certainly not a bad
thing. Consider unlocking it after you've maxed out the coin magnet and coin
value increases. (Or leave it locked, see the #TIPS# section for more info.)

- Speed Boost -

This power up shoots your character forward at blistering speed. It 
automatically turns corners for you, it bridges all gaps and it let's you run
through all obstacles. It takes control of your character and all you have to
do is tilt to collect coins. The bad side to this power-up is it will leave
your character running at quite a high speed when it wears off, making the
rest of your game that little bit more difficult.

Level 1 - Boosts you forward 250m.
Level 2 - Boosts you 375m.
Level 3 - Boosts you 500m.
Level 4 - Boosts you 625m.
Level 5 - Gives you the maximum boost of 750m.

All in all this power up is not useless but at times it's not all that helpful.
If you are aiming to beat a distance record it can come in handy, but there
are beter power-ups to unlock first.

- Coin Value Upgrade -

This upgrade is great, especially when you combine it with the Coin Magnet. 
Rather than being a power-up you pick up it unlocks coins of increased
value as you travel certain distances.

Level 1 - Unlocks Red coins after 1500m. Each red is worth 2 coins. 
Level 2 - Unlocks Red coins after 1000m.
Level 3 - Unlocks Blue coins after 3000m. Each blue is worth 3 coins.
Level 4 - Unlocks Blue coins after 2500m.
Level 5 - Unlocks Blue coins after 3000m.'

This power up is a must have. Make it your first priority. It's best to upgrade
it level 3, then upgrade the coin magnet to level 5, before returning to get 
this one to it's max.


Tools are unlockable features that can make your game much easier. There are 3
tools to unlock. Each tool is single use, and you can stock over 100 of them.

- Wings of Resurrection - 

Cost: 500 Coins

Once you've unlocked power up's gathering a supply of these should be your 
next priority. When you have at least one in your inventory, during gameplay,
you will see a little wing symbol in the top right corner of your screen. At
any point during the game double tapping the screen uses the wings, which
displays wings on your character. If you die whilst wearing these wings you
will be resurrected.

You can use more than one set of wings per game and they are the key to getting
epic scores. However, the wings are subject to a cool down, and the game won't
let you use them constantly. When you are able to use them again the wing
symbol will reappear, and, the game will emit a ding sound. 

To get the most out of wings you have two options. The first is the most 
frugal, and is best employeed early on in your game career. This is the choice
to only use the wings when you are having a really good run. For example when 
you've gotten lucky and got two magnet power ups in a row. The second option
is the choice to use the wings as soon as you get past the 2000m part. The 
first 2000m are slower than the rest so they are the easiest, also, if 
unlocked, triple coins appear after this point, making it more important to try
to stay alive.

- 1000M Boost - 

Cost: 2500 coins 

As it's name suggests buying this power up boosts your character forward 1000m.
At the start of a game, when you have at least one in stock, you'll see a 
flashing boost symbol appear. Tap it to use your boost.

Because this boost, just like the speed boost powerup, propels you forward at
high speed, at the end of it you can end up moving quite quickly. In the end 
this power up is over priced and doesn't really help your score all that much.
You're likely to get more coins, and a higher score, by travelling the first
1000 meters yourself.

- 2500m Boost -

Cost: 10,000 coins

This works in the exact same way as the 1000m boost, except it boosts you
further. It's icon appears in the same way as the 1000, but it looks slightly
different. If you have both boosts in stock both will appear at the start of
your game, but you can only use one.

The only benefit to this boost really is that it gets you earning red and blue
coins more quickly. (If you've unlocked them). It's very pricey and you'd get
much more out of your coins by buying 20 resurrections instead.


In the the store you can pay to unlock 6 additional characters to play with. 
These do not provide any change to the game play at all, they only give you
something slightly different to look at. Only unlock these for the purpose of
completing the related objectives. These range from 10,000 to 25,000 coins.
Unlock the cheapest ones first, unless you for some reason particuarly like the
look of the more expensive ones.

For reference the characters are:

- Guy Dangerous: "Just your average explorer." You start out with him.
- Scarlett Fox: "The cunning escape artist." Costs 10,000 coins.
- Barry Bones: "A city cop with an attitude." Costs 10,000 coins.
- Karma Lee: "The fastest legs in the far east." Costs 25,000 coins.
- Montana Smith: "The second greatest explorer ever." Costs 25,000 coins.
- Francisco Montoya: "The conquistador." Costs 25,000 coins.
- Zach Wonder: "Football star." Costs 25,000 coins.

In addition you can unlock 3 wallpapers at a cost of 5,000 coins each. Whether
or not you like, or keep, the wallpaper is up to you. But do unlock them,
because there is an objective to unlock all 3.


One of your goals in playing Temple Run should be to complete as many 
objectives as possible. Each one you complete increases your score multiplier,
meaning for each meter you travel, you get more points. This also effects the
coin meter - the higher your multiplier the more points you get when you fill
it. The bottom line is the more achievements you complete the easier it is to
get an epic score.

- Novice Runner -
Run 500 Meters. This is quite easy and you'll probably complete this first.

- Pocket Change -
Collect 100 coins. Another easy one that you'll do early on in your career.

- Adventurer - 
Score 25,000 points. You'll get this in your first few games, if not in the
very first one you play.

- Miser Run -
Run 500m without collecting any coins. This one can be a slight challenge, just
set your mind to it and tilt away from coins, avoid powerups and hope for the

- Piggy Bank -
Collect 250 coins. Not very difficult, just get some practice in.

- Treasure Hunter -
Score 50,000 points. You'll get this easily once your multiplier starts rising.

- Mega Bonus -
Fill the bonus meter 4 times. This one's not too bad, it's made easier with
coin value upgrades and the coin magnet.

- Athlete - 
Run 2,500 meters. You may not get this one first go but with a little practice
you'll make it. Just keep trying.

- Lump Sum -
Collect 500 coins. This one is made easier with the coin magnet and coin value
upgrades, but is completely doable without them.

- Resurrection - 
Resurrect after dying. You need to buy the wings of resurrection to do this. 
Just buy one (in fact buy two so you can complete "Double Resurrection" as 
well), then, use it and die on purpose. Simple.

- Basic Powers -
Unlock all level 1 power ups. Easy and self explanatory. (Although you may want
to avoid doing this, see #TIPS# for more information).

- High Roller -
Score 100,000 points. Easy with some practice. Easier with power-ups.

- Payday -
Collect 750 coins. See "Lump Sum."

- Head Start -
Use a head start. This means buying a 1000 meter boost for 2500 coins, then
pressing the flashing button that appears at the start of the game. Not exactly
a challenge.

- Steady Feet -
Run 2,500 meters without tripping over. Easy with practice, cake if you spend
10,000 coins on a 2500m boost.

- Allergic to Gold -
Run 1,000 meters without collecting any coins. This one can be a bit of a pain,
do your best to steer clear of coins. If you inadvertently collect one just
play the game as usual, collecting as many as you can, then try again. With 
some patience and luck you'll get this. 

- 5K Runner -
Run 5,000 meters. This one is intermediate in difficulty. You probably won't
get it first game (kudos to you if you do), but with practice you can make it.

- No.Trip.Runner -
Run 5,000 meters without tripping. Once you get used to the game this is only
marginally harder than "5k Runner."

- 1/4 Million Club -
Score 250,000 points. This can be a bit of a challenge early on in you game
career, but, when your multiplier starts increasing, and you unlock a few
power-ups, this one becomes pretty easy.

- Double Resurrection -
Resurrect twicfe in one run. See "Resurrection."

- Money Bags -
Collect 1,000 coins. Another reasonably easy task, just keep on at it.

- 1/2 Million Club - 
Score 500,000 points. When you first start out this one might be quite 
difficult. When you improve your multiplier it get's a lot easier.

- Super Powers -
Unlock all Level 5 Power Ups. Self explanatory, but you may want to avoid doing
this. See #TIPS# for more information.

- Dynamic Duo -
Unlock two characters. Easy, just costs coins. Unlock the cheapest ones first.

- Million Club - 
Score 1,000,000 points. Not as hard as it sounds, especially with a high
multiplier, coin magnet and coin value upgrades and a hint of practice.

- Money Bin -
Collect 2500 points. See "Million Club" as the difficulty is roughly equal.

- Fantastic Four -
Unlock Four Characters - See "Dynamic Duo"

- Sexy Six -
Unlock all Six Characters - See "Dynamic Duo"

- Interior Decorator -
Unlock 3 wallpapers. Total cost of 15,000 coins. Do this one eventually.

- 10k Runner -
Run 10,000 meters. This one is challenging. Use the wings of resurrection as
much as you can to make this one more obtainable.

- Fort Knox -
Collect 5,000 coins. This one is a bit of a challenge, but, with the coin value
and coin magnet power-ups at level 5 it becomes much easier.

- 2.5 Million Club -
Score 2,500,000 points. An intermediate level challenge. Practice makes

- 5 Million Club -
Score 5,000,000 points. A harder challenge, just keep trying, you will get
there in the end.

- The Spartan -
Score 1,000,000 points without any power ups. You don't have to leave the
power ups locked to complete this, just slide underneath them. It's a bit
of a challenge initially but with practice 1 million points is not that 
difficult to achieve.

- 10 Million Club -
Score 10,000,000 points. The hardest challenge, make this your end-goal. Best 
of luck with this one, I haven't got there yet.

                                #TIPS# 4. TIPS

 - Coin Magnet Tip -

The Coin Magnet is the most effective power up to maximize your score. If you
purposely choose to ONLY unlock the magnet to level 5, and the coin value
powerup also to level 5 you can maximize your score. Why? When the game 
generates the power-ups it does so from those you've unlocked. Only unlocking
the coin-magnet means EVERY power-up you get will be a magnet, which is the
best one. This does NOT mean you will get less power ups overall. You will get
the same amount. Leave the rest locked until you get the 10 million point 
objective, then you can unlock them if you wish.

- Enable the Tutorial -

To help get a higher score the first few games you play, turn on the tutorial.
This let's you get more distance, and more points, at a slower pace than you
would have to play normally. It's also a good chance to get used to the 
controls. Turn it on in the options menu.

- Fiddle with the Sensitivity -

In the options menu is a sensitivity slider. Use this to fine tune the game to
the way you play. If you prefer to barely touch the screen in order for it to
react, turn the slider all the way to the right. On the other hand, if you 
prefer to press strongly with big, sweeping movements, turn it all the way to
the left. Experiment with this and find something that suits you.

- Don't Worry Too Much About Coins -

Coins do help you with the score, but, especially if you use the coin magnet
tip, collecting coins that are hard to reach, or in more dangerous locations 
(e.g. On the rocks, right near the edge), is just asking for trouble.
Concentrate instead on survival. You can't earn coins, or points, if you are

- Stock up and use the Wings of Resurrection -

To get a really good score, stock up on around 20 wings of ressurection. Use
them as soon as you get to the 2500M mark and then use them repeateadly as soon
as you are able. This will give you some level of insurance against death. Keep
in mind however that the wings do have a cooldown - you can't use them straight
away after they end.

                              #CREDT 5. CREDITS

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide. Hopefully it helps you get an
awesome score. For reference my high score so far is just over 7 million. 

If you have any tips or suggestions you would like to see added to this guide
please send an e-mail to kaga@live.com.au.

This guide copyright (C) 2012 Richard Shepherd. AKA: Kagalive. Licensed under
the Creative Commons 3.0 US License.

Thanks again, and have fun!