Over all hint for Dark Summoner

ep= energy potions, bp= battle potions. Earn these by beating a mission area boss from regular missions. These are used as game cash to buy items and monsters, and prices vary but fair is 1ep for 1bp.
gold is used to lvl up your clan and monsters earned by doing events and missions. Gold, silver, platinum golem’s give alot of gold when sold.
Skill stack- ex. Increase party attack(ipa) ipa1+ipa1=ipa2(50% chance), ipa4+ipa4=ipa5, ipa15+ipa5=ipa16. Soul of skills gives +1, sou of skills+ gives 2-3
monster lvling soul of wisdom b/b+(1-2 lvls), soul of enlightenment a/a+(2-5), soul of phiosophy a/a+(10-20lvls)
how to earn honor points– battle ppl and win
monster ranks c/c+,b/b+,a/a+,aa/aa+,aaa/aaa+, and ex. Best are aa-ex.
I do not know how to glitch or hack game and in my searches I find it to be urban myth, though if you can do this then people want that info.
Sentinel Battles:(hint) use 50 tp per battle at least, meditate 2-4 times a day and use free 100tp as you see fit, best to have full sentinel and clan in reserves that will fight here and there. Start each day with 100tp without using free 100tp.
all is current to date of post, all other info can be found through the in game help.