New Sims LP Cheat for The Sims FreePlay

This is really a cheat in progress and I just recently discovered this accidentally. If I discover more about it, I’ll make updates.

Basically, I believe the cheat is a glitch. The game lets you create new sims at certain levels. For instance, if you’re a level 23 and the game only let’s you have your next new sim at, say 25, you can actually get a sim right away if you have at least 5 lp. After selecting a vacant house, a message pops up stating that your must be at least “some” level to create a new sim or you can create a sim right away for 5 lp.
If you have 5 lp, at least, you can create it. There is also another glitch on the Create A Sim menu whereas, female sims’ legs do not move in sinc with the upper body and seem to twist awkwardly. This glitch however, is not seen once the sim is created. Just a heads up. Now, this is the tricky part. When we create a sim, it will say to you wish to create (Name of Sim)? If you choose to change the default name that the game provides, it will tell you that you are creating the name that you put but once the sim is created, it goes back to the default name. Sometimes this happens sometimes not. So you may have to delete the sim and create it again to give it the name that you want. The good news is, that if you get this cheat, you can have virtually infinite sims if you have enough vacant houses. Your lp doesn’t change! If you have 8lp before creating the sim, you will still have 8lp after, not 3lp!
Another thing that happened to me was that the require level to get a new sim actually drops everytime I create a new one instead of increasing. I am currently a level 26 and before it said that I must be at least a level 40 to create a new sim. Now after creating 3 more sims, it says level 34.
So, I believe this cheat is very convenient for those who want more sims in their town but don’t want to loose lp. I really don’t know how this cheat/glitch occured but it might have happened by accident from me continuously getting new sims by paying lp. I’ve search all over the internet and no one, I don’t believe, has this happen to them. However, possible on the next update, this cheat may go away. Again, I really have no clue why this happened, but I just want to help other people out. Sorry if this didn’t help. 😛