Money Cheat (Safest way) for Virtual Families 2

This cheat is the safest way to earn LOTS of money and you’ll have your family longer than changing the date/year into 2030 or whatever. If you do that, your family will get old too much or they will get extremely weak. I wouldn’t do that if I were you.


First, check your food if it has 500+ food available. [I recommend you to buy Organics: Grains]

Second, put your worker to their working stations > praise them 3 times then they will say (Stop nagging!) > put them again to their working stations. [Repeat the cycle 5 times]

Third, exit your Virtual Families 2. Go to your Settings > Date & Time. Change your time to 5 hours. Example: 4:59PM – 9:59PM

Lastly, open your Virtual Families 2 then click continue. You’ll get a promotion (your worker will be level up, up to 2-3 levels), you’ll have 1,000+ money and your family is safe.

That’s all. I really hope this helps. ♥

Note: After you open your Virtual Families 2 change your time in present. In case you forgot.