How to increase mafia members in crime city android ? hint for Crime City

I Suggest you 4 easy steps:

1) Go to this link (you can find here 100’s of mafia id’s listed and can also post your own code)

2) Just write Your own mafia id’s in your own comment box.
(for doing this you just need to open your menu- open your profile- and at the top left corner you can find comments . Just open it and leave your id’s there)

3) You just go to the rival- beat him up,rob him and leave your mafia id’s in his comment box !!! He will add you knowing how strong and important you are (rival’s profile can be found in the left corner of android’s screen – and there you can find the place to leave you’re comments)

4) If u instantly want to get someone added then you can also add me !!! i m gonna accept ur request the moment u sent 310-361-068 is my code…………:P