How to get items that you can’t mine in Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Playing mine craft is fun in survival but it is really hard to survive when difficulty is full or you need items like diamonds golds and iron very few on a seed and you really need it.So I am here to help you it starts with downloading “Pocket Tool” from Google play it is for free and only around 500 KB. Install it and open the program you will find level editor in it open it select the survival world you are playing in and open edit inventory edit what you need just change the count value.
But if you want diamond gold and iron then open the game empty your inventory take 1 cobblestone and close it open “Pocket Tool” open level editor open inventory editor and then find the line with count 1.
Edit it edit the item no. For diamond put 56 and count limit is 100 s put hundred or one because you will have to smelt it and then multiply it using the count process for gold 14 and for iron 15 smelt it increase it with count process you can increase other items but you must have it in
you inventory slot do not incerase count more than 100.