Chapter 2 Bonus Level 30 Walkthrough cheat for Aporkalypse: Chapter Two

Remember to save OFTEN! You should also save after every step. There are many coins that are unreachable and you should have 10 coins at the finish.

1. Between flames, have Hunger Pig swallow the tofu and go up the step on the left. Cough up the tofu onto the blue button.
2. Between flames, move Death Pig up the stop on the right. Go to the blue switch (don’t touch the red switch) and flip it. Immediately after flipping the switch, ghost Death Pig. Eventually the devil pig will be killed by the spikes and Death Pig will be transported to the blue platform. Walk over the cloud and stop on the grey space. Be sure to un-ghost before next step.
3. Have War Pig turn around and step onto the brittle brick in the middle to collect the coin. Turn left, go one square, turn right, go two squares collecting the coin, turn right, go all the way down to the sand square. Move him to stand in front of the steps. SAVE. Carefully go up the steps and shoot angel pig and devil pig. It may take several tries to kill them both without losing coins. Stand on the blue platform and shoot the target (do not shoot the red target). Go over the bridge, stand on the lift and shoot the yellow target. Turn around and go onto the fence post. Turn left and get on the fence. Jump onto a red platform when one comes around. Jump onto a gargoyle then onto a target. Don’t go to the middle to get the coin.
4. Between flames, move Pest Pig onto the step. Then have him stink to control angel pig. Move angel pig to the sand square on the left side of the brittle block to collect the coin. Bring angel pig around and up the steps. Go past the blue runes to the sand spot on the left side of the blue button. Stink the second angel pig. Move angel pig between the yellow platform and the fence post. Move Pest Pig up the steps and walk over angel pig to get to the fence. Go around the fence and collect the coin. Leave Pest Pig on top of the fence post. Move second angel pig over the first angel pig to stand on the blue button. Devil pig will be released from the blue rune prison. Stink devil pig, and go stand on the yellow and grey lift. Have devil pig to flip the yellow switch. Take Pest Pig onto the fence post to move him to the target in the same manner as War Pig.
5. Have Hunger Pig swallow the hay bale and cough it up out of the way on the green square on the right side of the white X. Cross the bridge and retrieve the coin. Swallow the tofu on the blue platform. Cough it up into the brown drop between the green areas. Swallow the hay bale and cough it up on the green square just right of the tofu. Push the hay over the tofu into the hole behind the milk can. Go up the steps to the blue platform and swallow the tofu. Collect the coin on the brittle brick on the left side of the X. Cough up the tofu onto the green square between the fence posts. Collect the coin from the fence post behind the red button. Swallow the tofu again, stand on the yellow platform, and cough up the tofu onto the yellow button. Take Hunger Pig onto the fence post to move him to the target in the same manner as War Pig and Pest Pig.
6. Ghost Death Pig and collect the two coins on the brittle bricks. Stand on the green square with flowers on the left side of the hay bale. Un-ghost and push the hay onto the yellow button. Ghost and go over the cloud and bridge to stand on the scales. Ghost and un-ghost Death Pig until you get devil pig trapped on the scales. Ghost Pest Pig so he will rise up to the fence post. Step off the fence post and un-ghost. Take Death Pig onto the fence post to move him to the target in the same manner as the other pigs.
7. FINISHED and you should have 10 coins.