4 farm animal achievement cheat for Farmville 2

I have done this on android but it may also work on ipad/iPhone.
To gain the 4 animal achievement I have found if you just visit a farm that has 4 of the animals you need for each of the achievements it gives it to you without you needing to actually have them yourself.
To visit a farm you can either click on the coop sign and then click on a name then click visit farm or do it in coop market. I would suggest asking anyone in coop chat if they have 4 animals of 1 so you don’t just have to keep trying all of them.
If no one in your coop has what you need then expand your search global. You can do this with the global market or through the coop search and do the same thing.
This obviously takes some persistent and trial and error to find what your looking for but I suggest trying higher level players as they are more likely to have what you need for this.
It’s worth it for some keys especially as you would have to spend more keys to try and get just a few and you may not even want or need as many as those animals or have the space.
Good luck with your search.